Delta First Class Flight 401 Austin, Texas-New York JFK – Review

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The captain announced we would be taking off to the south and that conditions on the way in had been smooth and he anticipated a smooth ride back north.

The Airbus A320 pushed back from the gate at 1 p.m., exactly as scheduled. There were no aircraft ahead of us awaiting takeoff clearance and we were wheels up at 1:10, one minute early.

Despite the early start, we landed ten minutes late at JFK and made up a bit of time taxiing to the gate, with the door opening a mere five minutes late.


The flight path took us in an easterly and then northeasterly direction across northwest Louisiana, a good swatch of Arkansas, clipping the northwest-most tip of Tennessee, and continuing northeast over Indiana and Ohio.

At that point we crossed over the Pennsylvania border and headed in a southeasterly direction towards New Jersey and then New York City. While over Manhattan island, we turned south and headed out over the Atlantic Ocean south of the Rockaway peninsula, turning to make our final approach into JFK.

We were in the air for three hours and 16 minutes and, block to block, the flight was three hours and 32 minutes.

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