8 iPhone Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About

By Paul Riegler on 17 March 2015
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The iPhone remains the most popular smartphone currently in use and, while it’s fairly simple to use, there are many features and functions that have even eluded power users of the device. Here are eight tips and tricks you may find useful.

1.) Turn automatic updates off when traveling.

The iPhone’s automatic update feature is intended to keep all apps up to date without user intervention. Apple says it was designed to be aware of unnecessary power usage but several apps updating in one day will unquestionably have an adverse impact on battery life. Turn the feature off if you’ll need to go without a charger for an extended period. Go to Settings > iTunes > iTunes & App Store and disable Updates. Just don’t forget to enable it later on to keep your apps up to date.

2.) Require passwords and use a more complex password.

Most iPhone users stick with a simple four-digit passcode. For better security, switch to a password that includes letters and numbers by going to Settings>General>Passcode Lock and turning off “Simple Passcode.” Also, set “Require Passcode” to “Immediately.”

3.) Keep things on the level.

The iPhone has a built-in bubble level. Open the Compass app and swipe left. The app is useful for everything from hanging pictures to taking them.

4.) Type domain names faster.

Holding down the period key in Safari will bring up a choice of top-level domains including .com, .org, .net, .edu, .us, and possibly others depending on your country settings.

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