Uniqlo Heattech Underwear – Review and Test Report

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Uniqlo's Heattech turtleneck

Uniqlo’s Heattech turtleneck

Uniqlo’s parent Fast Retailing explains it on its website: “The star shape formation of the cationic dye atypical cross section polyester increases the surface area of the fiber. This makes for a rapid absorption, diffusion and evaporation of perspiration without the body feeling cold.” The company has also designed more air pockets into the material, which has resulted in an improved thermal effect.


The big question is, of course, does it work? The answer, after more than a month of trying various Heattech products, is an unequivocal “yes.” I’m not the only one who’s sold. My colleague Jonathan Spira began wearing the Heattech tights and long-sleeved undershirt for our test and he reports he was kept nice and warm in bitter cold weather, able to comfortably walk around the city without feeling cold.

In addition, the products themselves are very well made, they are soft to the touch (Uniqlo says that Camellia oil is woven into the fabric for a softer feeling on the skin), they fit well, and there was little if any static electricity evident.

They also hold up well after repeated washings (one staffer has had his Heattech tights for several seasons and they continue to look great) and, most importantly, the Heattech shirts, long johns, and tights are not expensive. T-shirts are $12.90 (currently on sale at $7.90) and tights are $19.90 (also on sale for $7.90 but the selection of sizes right now is rather limited). “Extra Warm” versions are slightly more expensive.


Uniqlo claims that Heattech allows people to “live winter to the fullest” and I have to admit there is truth in that message. While I used to dread long walks in the cold, they are a non-issue now and that’s the consensus of my colleagues as well. Until the spring thaw, we’ll all be wearing and packing Heattech gear on trips.

Purchase Uniqlo Heattech items at www.uniqlo.com

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