Lobby Bar – January 23: The Secret to Good Music, 2,400-Pound Bug Zappers, and Why Superheroes Can’t Keep Secrets

By Jeremy Del Nero on 23 January 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Thoughtfully Fabricated Summary of FBT News and Views

Doc’s dreams come true.  Find out what travel plans our readers have in store for 2015 in our annual Business Travel Outlook Report.  An alarming percentage of respondents say they will nix air travel in favor of hover boards as soon as the technology reaches commercial status.

Choco–migration.  It’s time to go shopping at the most chic boutique around – a little place called Europe.  The dollar is strong and there’s never been a better time to purchase 8,000 jars of Nutella right from Ferrero headquarters in Piedmont, Italy.  It might also be time to scrap your New Year’s resolutions.

He chose… wisely.  It’s time to cast your ballot for the 2015 Diesel Car of the Year Award, but choose wisely.  Vote correctly, and you’ll be granted eternal life!  Vote for the wrong car, however, and you will be decapitated.

Happy glow lucky.  Christian Stampfer reports on the International Auto Show’s second day, covering news from Acura, Ford, Hyundai, and Porsche.  Ford’s new Mustang Shelby GT350R comes in a glow-in-the-dark trim, making the car easy to find in a dark parking lot.  The car’s coating also doubles as a bug zapper – an effective anti-theft feature.

Google Brain Violator.  Paul Riegler uses Google’s new and improved translate app on his iPhone 6 Plus.  One feature lets a user take a picture of a sign or menu item and have the text translated.  Alternatively, one can also take pictures of dogs, cats, and even humans to effectively read their minds.

Essence of music theory.  Jonathan Spira takes a break from his thrash metal playlist to catch pianist Moye Chen at Carnegie Hall.  Chen’s performance was excellent, but as Spira mentions in his review, the concert lacked the screaming vocals and piercing electric guitar solos required of modern music.

Letmein, Monkey!  Find out which passwords are most commonly used today.  Use this information to bulletproof your own password, go on an online shopping spree with somebody else’s Amazon account, and, most important, to decide which superheroes aren’t actually protecting you (we’re looking at you two, Batman & Superman).  >_>

Piggy bank Trump.  There’s an uproar in New York as millionaires with $35,000 per month rent are taking to the streets to protest the $.25 subway and bus fare increase.  “It’s a classic example of big government’s agenda,” said Donald Trump, one of the protestors.  “A quarter here, a quarter there, and soon you’re talking serious money.”

If train fails to inflate…  In other New York transit news, riders may soon be able to take the AirTrain to LaGuardia airport.  As its name implies, AirTrain runs on compressed oxygen, and when the fuel tanks run low, passengers can blow into tubes in the car to power them back up.  Unconfirmed rumors have it that in such instances the MTA will refund the $.25 fare increase.

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