FBT Survey: Business Travel Set to Increase in 2015

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DSC_0537Technology and Internet connectivity are also high on business traveler’s radar at a time when more hotels are offering complimentary service and airlines are rolling out more in-flight Internet-enabled aircraft. While most travelers have high expectations regarding connectivity, the business traveler, in many cases, needs this connectivity for work. This translates into looking for hotels with complimentary, as well as fast and reliable, Wi-Fi as well as flights with Wi-Fi service.

“I expect Internet to work and work well at a hotel,” said one executive who stays over one hundred nights a year at various properties. “I don’t care about the television or refrigerator, but Internet today is a basic need just like running water and electricity.”


One reason for the need for connectivity is the amount it’s used. Frequent travelers are avid users of technology. Nine out of ten report doing all of the following over a twelve-month period:

  • Researched information about flights
  • Researched information about hotels
  • Made a flight reservation
  • Made a hotel reservation
  • Checked a flight’s status

Meanwhile, social media is very slowly being adopted for customer service. While over one-quarter of respondents said that they had interacted with an airline to solve a customer service issue via a social media tool, only 13.9% did the same with a hotel.

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