‘123456’ Leads Worst Password List for 2014

If Your Password Is On This List, Change It Now

By Paul Riegler on 20 January 2015
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Despite the number of highly publicized data breaches at Sony, Target, and elsewhere, few people are getting the message about passwords.  If your password more resembles “X1qT-4Pp0-2C9z” than “password” or “123456,” you need not read any further.  If you are still here, there’s still time to take appropriate action and spare yourself potential public embarrassment.

Once again, SplashData, a password management company, has released its annual list of the worst passwords, gleaning from hacked file dumps.  The number one and number two passwords on the list are the same as last year’s, namely “123456” in the top slot, followed closely by (drum roll please.) “password.”

Out of the top 25 worst passwords, nine were strictly numerical, including “12345,” “123123,” and “111111.” Interestingly enough, the only sexually suggestive password, “696969,” was number 22 on the list.  The new list also saw the arrival of superheroes such as “batman” and “superman” as two very frequently used passwords.

Here’s the complete list.  If you see your password on there, or if yours even remotely resembles one on the list, change it. Now.

1.)       123456
2.)       password
3.)       12345
4.)       12345678
5.)       qwerty
6.)       1234567890
7.)       1234
8.)       baseball
9.)       dragon
10.)     football
11.)     1234567
12.)     monkey
13.)     letmein
14.)     abc123
15.)     111111
16.)     mustang
17.)     access
18.)     shadow
19.)     master
20.)     michael
21.)     superman
22.)     696969
23.)     123123
24.)     batman
25.)     trustno1

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