Delta BusinessElite Flight 466 New York-Moscow – Review

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At the border between Poland and Ukraine, we turned northeast over Belarus towards Moscow and Sheremetyevo International Airport, landing 19 minutes earlier than scheduled at 9:36 a.m. local time the next day. Perhaps the captain saw this as a way of making up for the delay on the 1968 inaugural flight.


Regular readers may notice I was in 9A, not my usual 1A, on this flight. The flight was booked on relatively short notice (I managed to book 1A on the return) and, while there were other seats available that were more forward, they were even-numbered seats such as 4A and 6A.

The window seats alternate: odd-numbered ones are closer to the window and the rather large armrest is on the aisle side, and even-numbered ones are further away from the window, with the armrest alongside the window. I therefore opted for a seat that had the armrest along the aisle to provide greater privacy.



One significant difference between seats in the first row such as 1A and others is the size of the foot well. My seat’s foot well was noticeably smaller than the bulkhead’s and I found it hard to move around while relaxing and sleeping.

Within the BusinessElite cabin, an individual pod is 80” long, the seats are 21” wide extending almost to the full length of the pod when used as a bed. They recline to 180° and are horizontal to the deck when in bed mode.

Delta’s Westin Heavenly In Flight bedding was waiting at the seat, along with a Tumi amenity kit in its trademark ballistic black case. The bedding includes an 18×22” EnviroLoft-filled pillow and 48×81” quilted duvet.

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