Delta BusinessElite Flight 466 New York-Moscow – Review

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DSC_0063When I arrived at the gate, boarding had more or less finished and I had no need to use the SkyPriority line. My visa was checked once again and I made my way down the jet bridge to my seat, 9A.

As I had anticipated, the aircraft was less than half-full on this flight although it was almost at capacity on the return flight four days later. It made it easy to get extra pillows and an extra comforter to use as a mattress topper for bedtime.

Up front, the cabin crew was busy offering pre-departure drinks and hanging up coats (heavy ones since we were flying to Moscow), and it was then that I first met the purser when she stopped by to introduce herself.


Meanwhile, I settled into my seat and prepared for departure.


We pushed back two minutes earlier than planned and were wheels up at 4:58 p.m. From JFK, we headed in a northeasterly direction over Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We crossed the Canadian border near New Brunswick and continued over the Gulf of St Lawrence and Newfoundland.

Proceeding northeasterly over the Atlantic we turned south east over the tip of the British Isles and entered the European continent over Denmark continuing over Poland.

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