Condor Flugdienst Business Class Flight 1048 Frankfurt, Germany-Seattle, Washington – Review

A Condor Flugdienst Boeing 767-300ER at Frankfurt

By Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren on 19 December 2014
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Condor Flugdienst, based in Frankfurt Germany, is one of the world’s leading leisure and charter carriers. Serving a handful of destinations in North America, most of them seasonally, they remain a somewhat mysterious presence to many American travelers.

The outbound flight [read the review here] failed to impress, albeit in the wake of a four delay on a red-eye. I wondered whether the return flight would present a more accurate picture of their service, and two days later arrived at Frankfurt’s Terminal One to find out.

Arriving late at the airport, I was pleased to see only one couple ahead of me at the dedicated Condor Business check-in counter. The agent, however, was not in any rush. After processing the couple, she took her time, slowly attaching bag tags before turning her attention to me. She interrupted the check-in and invited another couple behind me to step forward to resolve some unknown issue, then resumed my ticketing a few minutes later and without apology nor explanation. She handed me my ticket, and a voucher good for either a visit to the lounge or 20 euros at the Condor in-flight shop.

Condor window-1


Outbound immigration presented a dauntingly long queue, and unfortunately a premium passenger lane (common at many European airports) was nowhere to be found. After waiting, I proceeded directly to the gate and went through security. Again, there was no dedicated line for premium passengers. Total curb to gate time was nearly thirty-five minutes.

Unfortunately, a trip to the lounge was not to be. The main reason was my running late, but the ultimate clincher was having to go through security twice, which, absent premium lanes, was an impossibility on a tight schedule.


Boarding was painless as Condor invites business, premium economy, and frequent flier members to board first. Business passengers boarded through an exclusive door on the left, although both doors led to the same jet-bridge.

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