6 Tips for Winter Travel

How to Go Over the River and Through the Woods with Minimal Delay

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3.) Take a Train

While trains aren’t 100% exempt from winter weather cancelations, they still tend to be a more reliable means of transportation than planes when bad weather hits. While they are much less practical and time-efficient as a means of transcontinental travel, they will almost certainly get the job done if you are traveling to a regional destination.

4.) Stay Informed

Listen to news and weather forecasts for your own location as well as the destination. Make sure you are enrolled to receive flight alerts from your airline and weather alerts for your area, and check the weather forecast frequently, as many storms that are forecast turn out to be much ado about nothing.
Consider using a flight information service such as Expert Flyer, which gives you the same information airline agents and travel agents have access to, to check seat availability on other flights. Finally, if a storm is affecting travel en route, but not at the departure and arrival points, ask about alternate routing.

5.) Don’t Get In Line With Everyone Else

When flights are cancelled, many passengers queue up at the ticket counter to be rebooked. Skip the line and turn on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone instead. While everyone else is standing in line for hours, you might be able to rebook yourself in minutes. You can also try making requests via an airline’s Twitter or Facebook account, although this is less effective during times of massive delays. If you are a member of the airline’s frequent-flyer program with any kind of status, you can also call the number for the program, and make sure to enter your frequent-flyer number so your call is routed correctly.

6.) Winterize Your Car

If any part of your trip is by car, make sure you have the appropriate tires (in many regions, local laws require winter tires at this time) on your vehicle before departing, and keep extra supplies with you, including a fully charged mobile phone, an ice scraper and brush, blankets, at least one flashlight, a battery-operated radio, and several bottles of water.

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