2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Diamond Edition

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2014-12-07 11.57.44

Motorola Moto X Smartphone

The Motorola Moto X may have the same name as its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge step forward. With a bigger, brighter, and higher resolution 1080p 5.2” screen, the new Moto X looks positively vibrant. It also touts a faster 2.5GHz processor, slimmer design, and improved rear- and front-facing cameras. Customization is still the name of the game; Motorola now offers 17 colors, as well as four genuine leather and four wood panel backings to choose from, giving buyers literally thousands of material and color combinations.

The “O.K. Google Now” any-time voice trigger can also be swapped out for nearly any phrase, such as: “listen up, Moto!” One could use any number of commands preceded by “listen up, Moto,” such as “wake me up at 8:30,” “when is my first appointment today?” or “call Best Buy in Union Square,” even when the phone is asleep on a desk across the room.

Crowd-pleasing functions from the first Moto X, including quick capture and active display (ways to quickly take photos and view notifications) are back and better than ever. The always-on aspect of the Moto X gives it an almost human-like quality, and low-battery grievers can put their concerns to rest – the Moto’s 2,300 mAH battery easily lasts all day and longer. With these improvements, the Moto X is bound to be in many people’s pockets come the holidays.

From $.01 to $549.99 with contract at amazon.com


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Narrative Clip Wearable Camera

One of the perceived perks of being a business traveler is the opportunity to explore the world. Unfortunately, road warriors are often so busy with meetings and appointments that they miss documenting their adventures. Meet the Narrative Clip, a pocket-sized gadget that will take care of this task.

The Narrative Clip is a tiny camera that can be unobtrusively attached to any article of clothing and will automatically snap a photo every 30 seconds. Turn it on and forget about it. The Clip has the capacity to store 6,000 (8 GB) photos at 5-megapixel quality and its rechargeable battery lasts about 30 hours. Simply donning it for a day walking around Manhattan produced an enviable little short film. Aiming the Clip out of a window yielded a no-effort time-lapse sequence.

The clip comes with access to cloud storage and viewing system, that are free for the first year, then costs $9/month. But the real treasure is plugging the Clip into the computer at the end of the day and reliving memories that otherwise might have been lost. The Narrative Clip is a great device for frequent travelers or adventurers, and its attractive and lightweight (just 20 grams!) design means you won’t have to think twice about clipping it on before an outing.

$229.00 at amazon.com

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