Lobby Bar – October 31: The Seven Not-So-Bad Sins, America the Gr8, and Light Speed Ahead

By Jeremy Del Nero on 31 October 2014
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The Lobby Bar –A Spooky, Sin-Laden Summary of FBT News and Views

Incompetence.  Paul Riegler overcomes all obstacles, including amateur flyers, at JFK on his way to a Delta flight to Salt Lake City.  Despite security being for the most part painless, Riegler’s experience has prompted him to write what is sure to be a best-seller: Flying for Dummies.

Pestilence.  Let Karin Sun lead you around Krakow, Poland, where she plans to show you one of the world’s largest flea markets.  Don’t worry –as George Costanza found out in 1992, flea markets don’t have fleas.  Head to the flea circus if you’re genuinely looking for them.

Independence.  Christian Stampfer takes the 2014 Audi A4 3.0 TDI on a farewell voyage.  The vehicle’s 427 pound-feet of torque gives it a maximum speed of three lyph.  That’s light-years-per-hour, for those unfamiliar with Audi’s speed language.

Transference.  Air Canada and Concur have gone Facebook official with their relationship.  The arrangement was apparently made very easy; Concur agreed to all of Air Canada’s terms quite quickly.  The travel tool company is now thinking about changing its name to Negotiable.

Remembrance.  Don’t forget –this Sunday is the longest day of the year (it’s the only one with 25 hours!).  After last year’s very productive 25-hour day, senators are considering making every day an hour longer –find the proposal on the ballot November 4.

Submergence.  New York City is soon to sink under the weight of all of these skyscrapers.  Bucking the odds, InterContinental Hotels Group went ahead and opened its tallest Holiday Inn property ever in Midtown Manhattan.  Thankfully, in January Mayor De Blasio necessitated companies building new properties to inject an equal mass of helium into the bedrock beneath the foundation.

Patriotica.  As more and more Americans begin using Frequent Business Traveler’s Amazingly Awesome Teleportation Device®, gas prices hit a four-year low.  You’re welcome, America.

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