Lobby Bar – October 10: A PB&J in Paris, the Twin Paradox, Superfuel, and Food From Above

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 October 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Cheeky Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views

Size 18XL. Karin Sun takes us on a tour of Romantic, Shakespearean Verona, beginning in the Piazza Bra. The space is home to a number of shops and cafes, and not, as commonly believed, the world’s largest support undergarment for women. Historians later found out that such a bra does in fact exist, and belonged to the late Juliet Capulet – the real reason it never would have worked out between her and Romeo.

Parallel Universalist. Jesse Sokolow must’ve touched a butterfly’s wing on his last trip to the 18th Century, because now there are two Jeremys writing for Frequent Business Traveler. Join the impostor Jeremy on a Condor Business Class flight from Seattle to Frankfurt. (The magazine’s editorial director wishes it to be known that all Jeremys are created equal, at least in the context of the magazine).

Comfort at a price. Jonathan Spira has a very important message for all you business travelers with a taste for foreign treats: you don’t have to schlep it home. You will, however, need to continue schlepping ketchup and peanut butter if you’re heading to Europe, or pay €18 for a miniature jar in a boutique shop in touristville.

Grimm defeat. Virgin Atlantic is putting an end to Little Red flights in 2015. Rumor has it the company lost too much money when, one by one, the parked aircraft were devoured by enormous, malevolent wolves.

Airmail. Swiss International Air Lines has plans to open its first pop-up restaurant in the sky. The airline confirmed it will offer take-out as well, and will deliver food from Chef Andreas Caminada to any address in the world via parachute drops. Please allow up to 18 hours for delivery and do not confuse the contents with manna.

Bend me, shape me. Find out why Apple’s newest phablet may not be all that iPhabulous. The experience is evocative of holding an iPad Mini up to your ear, although reports show that the iPad Mini isn’t quite as malleable.

Fantasy overdrive. BMW is opening a new performance center in La Quinta, California, where it can show off its newest car tricks. What gives the newest BMWs that extra kick? A BMW informant says Unicorn Blood – an incredibly efficient fuel, but not suitable for vegetarian drivers.

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