Delta First Class Flight 462 New York-Salt Lake City – Review

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The bagel came in handy as I got hungry mid flight after having eaten only half of the egg dish.

Throughout the flight, the flight leader, Francesco, was very attentive to passenger requests, and constantly checking on things.

I logged into Gogo in-flight Internet to chat with friends and catch up on news and did a speed test before settling in. I was surprised to see 11.57 Mbps downstream but that was only for a second. Otherwise, I was seeing 0.31 Mbps consistently throughout the flight, fast enough to chat but slow by today’s standards where airlines such as JetBlue offer 12 Mbps downstream.




We arrived early, as the captain had predicted, and, having not checked any luggage, I was landside within minutes.


The combination of an on-time departure, and early arrival, excellent in-flight service, and a mostly comfortable seat made for a pleasant flight. The new early-morning speed record on my drive to JFK was simply a bonus.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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