Delta First Class Flight 462 New York-Salt Lake City – Review

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The weather was partly cloudy with 10 miles visibility and winds out of the southwest at 40 mph (26 km/h). We settled in at a 36,000-foot cruising altitude.

From New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the flight path took us in a northwesterly direction over northeastern Pennsylvania, southwestern New York State, and over Lake Erie. Continuing over southern Michigan, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, southern Nebraska, and northern Colorado. We soon crossed the Utah border and proceeded to Salt Lake City International Airport.


My seat, 4A, was in the rear of the first-class cabin on a Boeing 737-800. Delta’s first-class cabins on this plane have their seats in a 2-2 configuration and the seat was 21” wide with a seat pitch of 38”.



Despite what appeared to be a generous seat pitch, when the passenger ahead reclined, he came within millimeters of hitting my MacBook Pro’s display, reminding me why I always choose a seat in a bulkhead row when available. When the seat was upright, there was sufficient room and the seat itself was quite comfortable for the four-hour flight.


Once we were aloft, the flight attendant working in first took breakfast orders and attended to passenger requests. Being used to what can be a hit-or-miss breakfast entrée, I brought a fresh bagel with salmon spread along. The choices on this flight were a cheese omelet accompanied by chicken sausage and diced potatoes or a bowl of Cheerios. Had Delta provisioned this flight with its granola, which I’ve always found to be quite good, I would have opted for it, but the Cheerios were a non-starter.

The omelet was passable but the chicken sausage had more spice than flavor. The potatoes were reasonably well prepared but, for my taste, needed pepper (something the pepper shaker easily remedied). The meal was served with a very nice assortment of melon and sliced kiwi and I had coffee and an apple juice.

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