Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Review and Report

Living Large Has Its Price

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Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The Plus is equally awkward to hold as a phone. I gave up on Bluetooth headsets years ago (admittedly, my car is just one big Bluetooth device and I did have the first car, 11 years ago, to have Bluetooth in the United States), and more than a few people made sport of me when I was holding the Plus up to my ear while on a call.

It’s so big that Apple had to build in tools that move parts of the screen closer to the user’s fingers (“Reachability”), and a double tap (not a double press) moves any content on the top of the screen to the bottom. I have reasonably large hands (as a trained pianist, I am able to easily span large intervals) but it simply felt too big in my hands.

After a few hours with the device, I soon found that apps that haven’t yet been redesigned for the Plus look terrible and many have enormous virtual keyboards (not a good thing).

In my car, where I mate the phone, using a USB cable, to BMW’s Connected interface (which brings apps from the phone into the car’s system in a manner similar to Apple’s CarPlay but using BMW’s interface,) the Plus barely fit, at an angle, in the provided space in the center console and left little room for anything else.

Finally, even with the relocation of the power/lock button from the 5 where it’s on the top to the side, I still found it uncomfortable to reach versus on the standard 6 (where it’s also on the side).


I wanted to love the Plus but every time I moved my SIM back to the standard iPhone 6 and put it in my pocket, it felt just right. The screen on the 6 is big enough and, while I enjoyed the extra real estate on the Plus’ screen, it didn’t make enough of a difference to make me want to carry it around.

One friend told me repeatedly he was going to get a Plus to replace his current iPhone. That is, until he spent about 15 minutes with mine. His verdict: “It’s simply too big.” (he was also the one who made most sport of me when I held the Plus up to my ear).

The iPhone 6 Plus may just be too big for me (and many others) to love but clearly many do, or more precisely, clearly many want to. If you need to have a phablet or you are a professional basketball player, this may very well be the way to go. If not, give the iPhone 6 careful consideration.

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