Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Review and Report

Living Large Has Its Price

By Jonathan Spira on 10 October 2014
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The demand for the new Apple iPhone 6 existed long before the iPhone 6 Plus reached retail stores. Indeed, many colleagues lusted after it. The big 5.5” screen, larger capacity battery, optical image stabilization were all cited as factors. They are flying off the shelves in the lucky stores that managed to get inventory, given that Apple significantly underestimated demand. One T-Mobile store manager, who runs a busy store in New York City, complained to me that he had received one solitary Plus since the launch .

I, however, was on the fence. I knew I would like the size of the iPhone 6 with its 4.7” display and that I’d love the larger screen on the Plus. With apologies to the folks who make Chesterfields, talk about a “silly millimeter,” or in this case roughly 20 of them.

For over a week, I alternately used the two new iPhones. The quick verdict is that Apple came up with two great new phones and both have superb displays. But that’s an oversimplification.


The iPhone 6 Plus is thin (only 7.1 mm, versus 6.9 mm for the standard iPhone 6). It’s the largest iPhone yet and also has the longest battery life of any of its siblings.

While I detest the newly coined word, it’s a true phablet (a portmanteau combining “phone” with “tablet”) and I found it easy to replace my iPad or iPad Mini when carrying it around.

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