5 Stories To Read This Weekend: October 4, 2014

By Robert Waldner on 4 October 2014
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The first weekend in October is finally here. Once again, it’s time to catch up on important Frequent Business Traveler news and features from this past week. Here are five stories that might catch your attention.

1.) Paul Riegler files his first report from the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Learn more about Infiniti’s Q80 Inspiration concept car and Volkswagen’s Ducati-powered XL Sport.

2.) Jonathan Spira reviews Virgin Atlantic Airways Upper Class business-class service from London to New York. Virgin offers great comfort and excellent service to provide a pleasant trip across the Atlantic.

3.) Jeremy Del Nero tests the Kero Nomad charging cable. Find out why this cable is a convenient item to carry along.

4.) Paul Riegler reviews a delicious new work, “The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu,” by Dan Jurafsky. Find out how the Jews introduced what became fish and chips to England, what ketchup and Chinese fish sauce have in common, and why you might want to beware of menus with too many adjectives..

5.) Finally, Jesse Sokolow takes us through Great Moments in Travel History. Find out more about transcontinental speed records as well as several deadly aviation disasters.

If you didn’t have time to catch up on all of the news, don’t be alarmed. You might be interested to find out that tunnel repairs will curtail Amtrak and Long Island Rail Road trains in and out of New York for two years, Finnair partnered with several well-known Finnish chefs for its long-haul menus, and Air France pilots ended their strike after two weeks.

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