Lobby Bar – September 12: Goldilocks Sleeps Well, Catapulting Fruit, Comfort Crashing, and Overweight Aircraft

By Jeremy Del Nero on 12 September 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Mockingly Deviant Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views

Time Compression. How much in-flight service can an airline squeeze into an hour-long flight? Jonathan Spira flies from New York to Montreal in Air Canada’s Business Class cabin, where he somehow consumes three meals and manages a four-hour nap in under 48 minutes. Fortunately, he wasn’t offered a thin mint.

Goldilocks and the three pillows. Christian Stampfer peruses the pillow menu in his suite at the Intercontinental San Francisco hotel. The first pillow was too firm, the second too soft, but the third was, much to the relief of room service, jusstttttttt right.

Don’t ask for watermelon. If your dream is to spend a night above a farmer’s market, head to the Louis Hotel in Munich. The prime location allows the hotel to do away with room service altogether – simply step out on your balcony, toss some coins onto the street below, holler your vegetable choice, and a kind farmer will hurl some Brussels sprouts up to you with utmost precision.

Sexy tech voice. Soon, anybody will be able wave his hand to board a plane or open a hotel room, thanks to the Apple’s new watch. The device, which, as we’ve learned to our collective relief, is not called iWatch, will also tell time, a feature that never quite seemed so glamorous as when Jony Ive discussed it in a drool-worthy voice-over sequence.

Pillow fight. Just how great is Volkswagen’s 7th generation Golf? No matter – it’s the safest Golf yet, with a post-collision braking system and spring-loaded down pillows (officially approved by Stampfer), embedded in every corner of the car, which drivers agree are much more comfortable than the standard air bags.

Charitable flyer. Gogo and T-Mobile are teaming up to provide in-flight texting. Now, at 30,000 feet, you can donate $5 to ALS on a whim, without even dumping a bucket of ice on your head (additional carrier charges may apply).

SuperAirBus. British Airways plans to launch A380 Superjumbo service between San Francisco and London in 2015. Jumbo wasn’t enough – BA is taking a page from U.S. culture and supersizing everything from sodas to aircraft. Weight-gain is expected to increase, hence the larger aircraft.

Crying while flying. During the month of July, fewer flights in the United States were delayed or cancelled than in recent months. According to research firm Takë Shortcutti, pilots are taking angry tweets from their passengers to heart.

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