Lack of Personal Space and Misbehaving Passengers Continue Reign as Top Air Travel Pet Peeves

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Results for this Frequent Business Traveler poll are based on online surveys conducted between July 10 and August 20, 2014, with a random sample of 1,872 adults, and an average age of 46.5 years. Of that group, 73.6% resided in the United States, 6.4% were on the European continent, 6.1% were in the United Kingdom, and 5.2% were in Canada,. All 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia were represented.

For results based on the total sample group, one can state with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±2.45 percentage points.

The pet peeves listed in this poll have been ranked in accordance to the number of respondents who selected each item as their number one pet peeve. This year’s list of peeves omitted two items that were included in the 2013 poll, “requirement to turn off electronics” and “insufficient electrical outlets,” and added a new item, “too many announcements.”

The survey was designed by Basex Research, a market research firm and division of Accura Media Group, Frequent Business Traveler’s parent company. Through organic and viral contact, we received 1,872 complete responses from frequent travelers.

The respondents to the 2014 Frequent Business Traveler Air Travel Pet Peeves poll are highly educated. Within the pool of survey takers, 55% completed college, 32% earned a masters degree, and 12% have a Ph.D. Out of this group, 79% were male and 21% were female.

While this group is not at all reflective of American society as a whole, it is reflective of a population that travels frequently. Underscoring that, 91% were members of more than one hotel loyalty program, and 97.6% were members of more than one frequent flyer program.

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