Apple iPhone 6 One-Week Review and Report

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Customers lined up at an Apple store in Chicago on Saturday

Customers lined up at an Apple store in Chicago on Saturday

The iPhone 6 is only 6.9 mm thick (the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1 mm), making it the thinnest iPhone to date (the 5 and 5s were both 7.6 mm, the 4 and 4s were 9.3 mm, and the 3GS was a decidedly unsvelte 12.3 mm thick).

The new form factor provides substantial gains. The home screen gets an extra row of apps and there’s additional room in the mail inbox. Reading an e-mail or web page is easier as many apps, including the Kindle ebook reader, will make good use of the expanded screen real estate.

Apple recognized that most users are not basketball players and that the screen size was starting to go beyond what one could reasonably be expected to manipulate and control with one hand. By slimming the phone and softening its edges, Apple made it easily graspable and relocating the power button from the top to the side made it more convenient to turn it on and off.


Getting started with the iPhone 6 is quite simple. The setup screens on the device allow the user to access a backup in the cloud, stored on iTunes, or to simply start afresh. Much of the setup involves waiting for files to be copied from your computer, which is how I chose to do it, to the device.

Music files do not copy automatically. I had to instruct the device to download my music library from the cloud after discovering, while driving, that I had no music on the phone.

Once up and running, I turned on Wi-Fi calling and that was about all that needed to be set up.

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