Apple iPhone 6 One-Week Review and Report

By Jonathan Spira on 22 September 2014
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The past week was undoubtedly quite busy at Apple as it began putting its new and larger iPhones in the hands of millions of customers on Friday. Apple said it received more than four million orders of for the new models, considerably more than the number of devices it had set aside for preorders. Lines continued at Apple stores around the country over the weekend.

While it’s too soon to pass judgment on the new phone’s features as they relate to everyday use, after spending a week with the new iPhone, some preliminary conclusions may be drawn.

Unlike the feature sets of the 5S and 5c, the 6 and 6 Plus are virtually identical to each other except for size and optical image stabilization. Both are noticeably larger than the 5 and 5s models and the additional screen real estate is quite useful. There’s clearly a reason people tried to order one online in the middle of the night (unfortunately Apple’s systems weren’t working properly at the official start of sales) and continue to line up outside Apple stores around the world.

With the iPhone 6 line, Apple is responding to what Android owners have had for a few years, namely a phone that is great for games and e-mail and looks slightly ridiculous when held to the ear to make what people used to call a phone call.

Apple is introducing several concepts with the new iPhone that others have previously tried with different levels of success, including a digital wallet (Apple Pay) and a dashboard of one’s health data.

Unlike the case with the iPhone 5, which debuted exactly two years ago, iPhone owners upgrading to the 6 won’t have to buy new cables or learn a new user interface. The phones are roughly 20% faster than last year’s iPhone and then there’s that little matter of a 0.7” (17.78 mm) increase in size. Chesterfield marketed its cigarettes as being “a silly millimeter longer” and the iPhone 6 delivers 18 of them.

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