The World’s Best Airport Amenities

Beer Gardens, Butterflies, Golf, Museums, and Rides Take Off as Airports Compete for Passengers

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The Delta Sky Deck in New York

The Delta Sky Deck in New York

For more traditional entertainment, Singapore Changi Airport has a movie theater, a swimming pool with a swim-up bar, and a butterfly garden, home to over 1,000 species.  The four-story (39.4-foot or 12-meter) Slide@T3 ride that sends adults and children hurtling down a tube at high speed is, according to airport officials, the tallest slide at any airport in the world.

But back to the Airbräu Biergarten at Munich Airport. Airbräu, which brews its own beer and serves it in glasses decorated with the legend “Das Brauhaus im Flughafen München” (the brewery in Munich Airport), has table service, unlike the self-service most beer gardens in Germany offer in their outdoor areas.  I’ve only been to the Airbräu once but my colleague Jonathan Spira has visited numerous times and reports that, while the beer is excellent and the food is generally good, the service can be spotty,  Nonetheless, the atmosphere is authentic if one ignores the fact that most diners have large suitcases in tow.  The night before an early flight, I followed his recommendation and had a Pilsner and Käsespätzle, a typical Bavarian dish made with Spätzle, a small egg and flour dumpling, served with melted cheese.   Prost!

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