Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini

By Jeremy Del Nero on 14 August 2014
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As an avid mobile typist, I typically take my MacBook Air with me wherever I go.  However, on day trips I sometimes leave the 3-pound laptop at home and take my iPad Mini.  Until recently, I had qualms about typing on my iPad mini – mainly because the on-screen keyboard uses precious screen space on an already small display, and also because of the lack of tactile feedback.  I much preferred typing on my MacBook, until I met Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini.

The Bluetooth Keyboard Cover is made specifically for use with the iPad Mini, and it shows.  The two just look natural when in use together, and the keyboard’s simple, uncomplicated aesthetic perfectly matches design elements Apple itself would make.  Just 8 mm thin and weighing only 208 g, the keyboard is ready for travel.

As its name describes, the Ultrathin Mini Keyboard doubles as a screen cover.  To stow the keyboard, I simply opened up the magnetic flap on the edge, placed my iPad face down on the keyboard, and slid it up until it magnetically locked in place.


Just above the keys, a notch cradles a horizontal iPad mini.  A magnet in the groove helps secure the tablet in place while keyboarding.  By carefully gripping the iPad with both hands and tilting it back, I was able to adjust the screen for the best viewing angle, similar to how a laptop screen reclines, but without the adjustment range.

The keyboard charges via a micro-USB connector, and a short cable is included.  I let the keyboard charge fully before first use.

Powering up the keyboard automatically placed it in pairing mode.  The keyboard appeared in the Bluetooth settings menu on my iPad, and seconds later the two were successfully paired and ready to use.

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