Lobby Bar – August 29: A Dawn with Don, Infamous Legumes, Transcon Crawling, and Toy Story

By Jeremy Del Nero on 29 August 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Decadently Delicious Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views 

Mad man.  Jonathan Spira stays at the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco, where the views are splendid and the scents are lemony.  At the crack of dawn in the Room of the Dons, Spira ran into an old business partner, Don Draper, who happened to be pitching a new commercial to the local Don for Dawn dish detergent.

Sky kitchen.  Ever wonder what exactly is the deal with airline food?  Check out our photo essay for the inside scoop.  Finally, Seinfeld can stop posing this rhetorical question.

Magical Fruit.  Karin Sun tours the Windy City, and recommends things to eat, places to go, and where to stay.  Don’t be tempted by the giant bean in the city; once upon a time, an alderman (Chicago politician) ate the bean and gave the city its nickname with his impetuous flatulence.

The Oregon Trail.  As you prepare to relax on Labor Day (kind of ironic, right?), don’t forget that 35 million other people are expected to sneak in one final trip before summer ends.  While the rickshaw business if booming, a ride from New York to Los Angeles will run you just over $18,000 and should take no longer than eight months.

Power Brick. Smartphones, in all of their glory, are still plagued with poor battery life; check out our tips on how to extend the life of your iPhone battery.  Or switch back to a Nokia brick phone – that little sucker uses so little juice that it actually gives off excess energy.

Orbitzing no longer.  American Airlines no longer wishes to sell tickets through travel company Orbitz.  In a letter to the company’s CEO, AA chief executive Doug Parker wrote, “I’ll be taking my toy planes elsewhere, thank you very much.

Retire with legacy.  Lufthansa pilots, determined to strike thrice more to set a record, are gearing up for their fourth strike of the year.  When asked why, the pilots agreed that all they really wanted was a page in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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