E-Cigarette Possible Cause for JetBlue Incident in Boston

By Paul Riegler on 14 August 2014
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DSC_5013An e-cigarette may have been the cause of smoke emanating from a bag in a plane’s cargo hold in Boston last week.

On Saturday, baggage handlers at Logan International Airport noticed a smoldering bag on a JetBlue plane about to leave for Buffalo, New York.  The incident was first reported by the New York Times, which said that the Massachusetts fire marshal is focusing on the possibility that an e-cigarette was to blame.

There was no emergency evacuation and passengers exited the aircraft through the plane’s door and all bags were removed from the hold.  Airport employees used a fire extinguisher to contain the problem.  Once the problem was contained, the flight was able to leave for Buffalo.

The Times also said that airport officials in Boston have asked the Department of Transportation to classify e-cigarettes as hazardous materials.  Other banned items include matches, flares, and wet-cell batteries such as those used in cars and motorcycles.

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