Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Flight 10 New York-London – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 21 July 2014
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Usually, I am likely to be the last passenger on any flight to actually show up at the airport. It isn’t that I don’t like airports – I love them – but, given the time I spend traveling, I feel that I already commit enough time to them already.

However, that isn’t the case when flying Virgin Atlantic from New York to London.

The airline, which is currently 49% owned by Delta and in a joint business venture with that airline, has something special for outbound passengers in Terminal 4, the Virgin Clubhouse. The Clubhouse, which I had been to several times as a Delta passenger (it’s open to Delta passengers traveling to London as well), features a spa with complimentary treatments including massage, a dining room, a bar, an area to play games including pool, and a quiet zone in which to relax.

With such tempting offerings, of course I arrived early for my first-ever Virgin Atlantic flight.

Virgin Clubhouse at JFK

Virgin Clubhouse at JFK

The departure time for VS10 was at 9:30 p.m. and I arrived at 7. Check-in was a breeze. Virgin Atlantic has a separate check-in area for Upper Class passengers and the line for the SkyPriority security checkpoint (Virgin is not yet set up for TSA PreCheck) was miraculously short and moved quickly. I’ll go into detail about the Clubhouse another time, but it was one of the most relaxing pre-departure experiences I’ve ever had. I had reserved a massage for 7:30 p.m. and there was no waiting at all.

After my massage treatment, I ambled to the dining room and settled into a window seat with a great view of some gates and taxiways. I could even see my 747, the Tubular Belle, from the table. I started off with some pea soup and continued with a wonderful duck entrée with noodles. Soon it was time to leave the lounge and board the aircraft.


Virgin Atlantic invites Upper Class passengers to board first. Several flight attendants were stationed at the door greeting and directing passengers. Virgin has a total of 44 seats in Upper Class, spread across three separate and distinct cabins. My seat was in the nose of the massive 747-400.

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