Lobby Bar – July 4: Miss American Pie, Famous Archdukes for $100, Tevye, and the Little Prince

By Paul Riegler on 4 July 2014
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The Lobby Bar – An Irreverent Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

“Little boy, would you like to play outside?”  Christian Stampfer restlessly flies in business class on Air Berlin from Düsseldorf to Los Angeles for 13 hours.  While the crew was very friendly, a few of the comments made to him were of deep concern.

Present at the creation.  Jesse Sokolow fires up the time machine so he can attend the 1887 opening of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.  Intrigued by the hotel’s claim of having the world’s biggest porch, he stays and eventually attains a Guinness world record for porch sitting, having concluded his stay shortly after turning in this month’s Great Moments in Travel History.

Don’t shoot.  Jonathan Spira borrows Jesse’s time machine after deciding he cannot allow Gavrilo Princip to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  He convinces the heir apparent to skip the visit to Sarajevo and come stay at his family’s summer house on the Old Danube, and is rewarded with a von in his name.

Lost in Translation. Karin Sun reports on what’s doing in Budapest but finds herself without a hotel room there when she discovers that the Grand Hotel Budapest is actually in the Republic of Zubrowka.  Enlisting the aid of a local named Gustave, she finds happiness in a branch of Mendl’s bakery in Pest.

Apple pie.  Paul Riegler drives The Diesel Driver’s long-term Chevy Cruze Diesel to the levee, which is surprisingly dry.  Nearby, however, he stops to watch a baseball game where vendors are giving out free hot dogs.

Sunrise, sunset.  Jonathan Spira visits a far-off planet known for its brilliant skies.  He refuses to budge until he’s seen the sun set 44 times that day so he can get just the right photo, a task made difficult due to a dude standing on the roof of one of the buildings playing a fiddle.

This Lobby Bar included attempts at humor from Basilio Alferow, Paul Riegler, Jesse Sokolow, and Jonathan Spira. 
(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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