Lobby Bar – July 11: The Doctor is In, Surprise Flights, a Friendly Reminder, and Data Collection at its Finest

By Jeremy Del Nero on 11 July 2014
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The Lobby Bar – An Irreverent Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Complaints 5¢Whether your ice cream sundae didn’t come with a cherry on top or your neighbor’s garlic breath is enough to induce a coma, there are undoubtedly a few peeves that accompany air travel.  Tell us about your biggest air travel pet peeves and we’ll deliver gum to your odiferous seatmate, via Gogo’s new express mail.

Justify My Love.  As it turns out, some frequent flyer programs are more equal than others.  He may want to kiss you in Paris and hold your hand in Rome…but he can’t book an award ticket to get to either place.

22nd Century stuff.  Jeremy Del Nero (ciao!) streams some tunes to the Braven 850 Bluetooth speaker.  Finally, I can stop connecting copper to my braces for wireless music.

‘Tis the season.  Summer is great for digging your toes in the sand.  Unfortunately, you’ll also be digging into your wallet if you want to be able to fly to the beach; taxes and airfare prices are on the rise.

Mayo shortage.  Speaking of deep wallets, Boeing told us that it is forecasting $5.2 trillion in aircraft sales over the next two decades.  Profits will reportedly be used to make the world’s most expensive potato salad.

Do I suffer from short-term memory loss?  As the world churns on, so do our minds…into butter.  Forget some of the biggest features from 2014 thus far?  Check out the highlights reel of our most popular stories from the last six months.

Next Stop: North Korea.  You remembered to lock the front door but forgot to check-in for your flight?  JetBlue anticipated this and took care of it for you with its new mobile auto check-in feature.  The airline plans to take it a step further and go ahead and book flights for you this fall with your credit card on file, predicting your travel patterns with top-secret algorithms.

Human encyclopedia.  Are there Buddhas, pests, or both in Budapest?  Karin Sun has all of the answers in her guide to the city.

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