Airbus to Offer 3D Movies on New A330neo Jet

By Paul Riegler on 14 July 2014
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An Airbus A330 in flight

An Airbus A330 in flight

Passengers who fly on Airbus’ upgraded A330neo aircraft, scheduled to take to the air starting in 2017, will reportedly be able to watch 3D movies while in flight.

Airbus, which announced the revamped model of its most popular wide-body plane on Monday, said it will include the ability to play 3D movies on seatback screens as part of the plane’s new in-flight entertainment system.

The A330neo will also include improved high-definition video and faster Wi-Fi, and its “fourth generation” in-flight entertainment system is reportedly going to support mobile device connectivity as well.  The planes will also have full-LED mood lighting and better fuel economy, the latter due to new engines and improved aerodynamics.

There have been no tests of passengers watching 3D movies, however, but viewing them is known to cause symptoms of nausea and dizziness in some people, which may explain why companies have not been rushing to offer in-flight 3D films.

Airbus did not disclose what type of 3D viewing system it will offer or whether anaglyph or polarized glasses will be required for watching a 3D film.

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