United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Virtual Tour and Review

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United Dreamliner: Other Amenities

The pivoting overhead bins are very easy to open and move to make it easier to place one’s bags inside. It is also possible to move items in and out of a bin without stepping into the aisle. When open, the bins are a bit low so head bumping remains a possibility.

The lavatories are innovative as well. When you first open the door, you’ll be greeted by blue mood lighting. Locking the door turns on ambient lighting similar to that in other aircraft. The toilet has a touchless flush sensor and the faucets are sensor equipped as well.

The sound that the toilet makes is far less aggressive than what is typically heard in a lav. The lav on the left side of the plane between the two business-class cabins is substantially larger and the best option for changing into nightclothes at bedtime.


All passengers are provided with an electrical outlet that supports U.S. and European plugs and voltages, and an individual video display. Each BusinessFirst seat has a USB port as well. Business-class seats have a larger, 15.4” display that is controlled by a remote stored in the armrest, while main cabin passengers have a smaller 9” seatback display.

The system offers 150 movies, 185 television shows, thousands of music tracks, and 20 interactive video games on demand at each seat.

A choice of several languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese, is available.

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