Dyson AM06 Desk Fan – Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 18 June 2014
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With winter long gone and summer temperatures fast approaching, people are coming home anxious to cool off, and a desk fan is bound to help. For those who believe that it is sometimes better to be seen and not heard, a quiet desk fan may be an even more desirable solution.

James Dyson, a British industrial designer who is perhaps best known for his bagless vacuum cleaner, is a pioneer in this area. Using what is called air multiplier technology, which Dyson developed, the Dyson AM06 desk fan is able to move air without the traditional use of fan blades. Instead, it uses a mixed flow impeller, similar to that used in turbochargers and jet engines, to create airflow, which the device streams via its 10” air multiplier loop.

Just as with any device or household appliance color options enhance the product’s appeal and the 06 is available in a variety of finishes that make the fan blend in with almost any decor.


Setup is straightforward and easy. It simply requires bayoneting the loop onto the base.

The Dyson AM06 is furnished with a remote control that makes operating the fan and changing its settings most convenient. It has a power control, an airflow adjuster, a button to invoke the oscillating function, and a sleep timer that can be set from 15 minutes to nine hours.

An LED display on the fan’s base shows the current settings and automatically shuts off after a few seconds. A physical power control button on the fan, if held down, also adjusts the airflow. The fan’s oscillating and sleep timer features, however, are only accessible via the remote. Mindful of the common practice by users of misplacing remotes, Dyson has made the remote magnetic and curved to fit the outer shell of the loop for safe storage.

The fan may be manually tilted up to plus or minus 10° from the horizontal, and, since the oscillating function pivots on the fan’s center of gravity, vibrations are greatly reduced and aid in making the fan 75% quieter than the previous model. Additionally, a Helmholtz cavity captures and dissipates any audible noise that the motor may produce.

The higher airflow settings are quite powerful, and I found the lower settings are more than adequate to keep users cool and comfortable. The AM06’s bladeless design allows it to deliver an exceptionally smooth airflow, something that is noticeably different than that produced to conventional fans. The loop design also makes the fan very easy to keep clean. The small amounts of dust that do manage to appear do so around the air intake in the base and can result in a buildup, particularly in households with pets, although this too is easy to clean.

The brushless DC motor uses 30% less energy than the previous model, while still generating comparable airflow. A definite improvement and added benefit for the environmentally conscious.


While pricey with its $299.99 list price, the Dyson AM06 does deliver on its promise of powerful, quiet, power efficient, convenient, and user-friendly operation. Its futuristic design and sleek lines only add to the thoughtful and user oriented engineering design conceit.

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