Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Virtual Tour and Review

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There are three Departure Halls.

Departure Hall 1 serves Piers B and C and will add Pier A (currently under construction) in 2016.  Piers B and C are dedicated Schengen areas with 14 and 21 gates respectively.  The new Pier A will add 8 gates, for a total of 43.

Departure Hall 2 has two piers, D and E.  The lower level of Pier D, the larger of the two piers, is used for non-Schengen flights while the upper floor is used for Schengen flights.  The same jetways are used to access aircraft and stairs are used to direct passengers to the appropriate level.  Non-Schengen gates are designated D-1 to D-57; Schengen gates start with D-59.

Pier E, with 14 gates, is used exclusively for non-Schengen flights and is used by most SkyTeam airlines flying into AMS including Delta and KLM, both with hubs there, as well as China Airlines and China Southern Airlines.  Several Middle Eastern and Asian airlines including Air Astana, Etihad, and Malaysia Airlines, also typically use Pier E.

Shopping for tulips?

Shopping for tulips?

Departure Hall 3 has four piers, F, G, H, and M, the first three being non-Schengen areas.  Pier M is a dedicated Schengen area.  F is used largely by KLM as well as other SkyTeam members including Kenya Airways, China Airline, and China Southern Airlines.  Pier G has the only gates at the airport that handle Emirates daily Airbus A380 service.  Piers H and M, with seven gates each, are used by low-cost carriers.


Typically Dutch, Schiphol Airport is one of the most pleasant and low-stress airports I have ever visited.  The airport has a strategy of wishing to entertain passengers during their visits and it largely succeeds in this.  More than 40% of Schiphol Airport’s passengers are in transit (the average time is five to seven hours) and never have the opportunity to see the country aside from the airport. However, they nonetheless can sample Dutch culture – including food, art, and literature – and this experience may even help them decide to visit the Netherlands on a future trip.  On the other hand, the airport does such a good job in presenting Dutch culture within the terminal, that such a trip may turn out not to be necessary.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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