The 2014 Guide to Lie-Flat Seats in First and Business Class

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Staggered seats on Swiss

Staggered seats on Swiss



Three years ago, I started to analyze the ratio of fully lie-flat seats in business- and first-class to angled lie-flat and reclining seats.  Back then, only 33% of the seats I encountered were fully lie-flat, namely those on Continental (now part of United) and Swiss.

Last year, over a similar 12-month period, I found myself in fully lie-flat seats 64% of the time, and it was 83% when examining the last six months of that period.

Looking back over the most recent 12 months, the fully-lie flat seat percentage was up to 82%.

Only flights on (now-retired) American Airlines 767-200s and one trip on a KLM 747 Combi were on recliners and I did not encounter any angled lie-flats over this period of time.

KLM's recliners on the 747 Combi

KLM’s recliners on the 747 Combi

Over the past 12 months, I also flew on planes with seats in configurations that I had never encountered before.  I’ve flown sideways and backwards and found both types to be very comfortable.


With an eye towards keeping it simple, we’ve broken down business- and first-class seats into four broad categories: recliner seats, angled lie-flats, fully lie-flat seats, and fully lie-flat suites.

Recliner Seats

Recliner seats, which at least for international first and business class are going the way of the dodo bird, mostly resemble first-class seats from decades past as well as the Barcalounger-type lounging chairs made popular in movies (Slaughterhouse-Five) and television shows (Frasier).  Depending on the airline, aircraft, and cabin, you’ll find them in a variety of configurations.  American’s outgoing 767-200s have them in first in a 2-1-2 configuration and in business as 2-2-2.  LOT Polish Airlines has state-of-the-art recliners in its premium-economy section on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.  Since there are typically window and aisle seats in such configurations, many do not have direct aisle access.

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