Delta Air Lines Porsche Transfer in Minneapolis – Review

Porsche transfer at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

By Jonathan Spira on 12 May 2014
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For those travelers making a tight connection on Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York, a pleasant surprise may be waiting for them upon their arrival.

Arriving at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on a flight out of New York’s LaGuardia  that had been delayed 75 minutes, I was trying to make a connecting flight that should have left before my first flight even landed.  Fortunately (at least for me), the second flight was itself delayed by 45 minutes.

The first leg had started as a normal, on-time flight, until we were taxiing and an indicator light in the cockpit for a thermostat came on.  We returned to the gate to have it checked, a process that resulted in the delay.  The flight itself was uneventful and we had pushed back early.  I was in seat 1A, optimal positioning for making a tight connection.  While we were at the gate, I called Delta and asked to be protected on a later flight, assuming I would miss the original connection.


My flight arrived at the gate at 11:45 a.m. Once the aircraft door opened, I was the second person off the plane and was met by a Delta representative bearing a sign with my name on it.  She welcomed me to Minneapolis and pointed to a door on the jet bridge leading to the tarmac.  I was confused for a moment but then it struck me.  “Porsche!” I thought.

Delta began its program, which it says is intended to “transport select high-value customers from gate to gate,” at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in 2011.  Today, it does 75 customer transfers there each day and the program has since expanded to additional airports.

We headed down the metal stairs and a white Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid was there waiting for us.  After throwing my bags in the back and stopping to take a few pictures (despite the tight connection time, I did have time for photographs), we headed off to make the connecting flight.

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