Ogio Newt 13 Backpack – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 9 April 2014
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Frequent travelers not only need to transport themselves from one city to another, but they also need a way to safely and conveniently tote their belongings on their voyages.  Every traveler has his own idea of the perfect piece of luggage, and while some have found their dream suitcase, others are still on the search for the ideal portmanteau.

Obviously, suitcases come in all shapes and sizes, tailored to a variety of trip lengths and personal preferences.  A bag may look and feel great but not be quite large enough for a traveler’s needs.  Such is the case with Ogio’s Newt 13 backpack.

The Newt is thin, although made of durable materials.  It’s clearly designed to cater to the tech-loving device toter, with no less than 12 compartments and pouches that can hold a laptop (up to 13”), tablet, camera, smartphone, MP3 player, portable mouse, and headphones.  A number of the pouches are labeled for specific devices, making for organized storage and efficient retrieval.


The velvety interior of the backpack is soft to the touch and promises to be kind to your devices’ screens.  I was able to rest easy knowing that my equipment would be safely cradled, even if the bag received rough handling.

Once the Newt 13 is loaded up with the essential tech items, there won’t be  space for much else to fit, except perhaps a change of clothes, a book, and maybe some snacks.  Ogio’s Newt 13 backpack isn’t going to replace your suitcase, however it will function as an excellent carry-on pack to supplement a bigger suitcase.

Four speed-bump-style ridges on the back of the bag made it comfortable to wear, even when the Newt was stuffed with all of my gadgets.  Additionally, the adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap were conducive to sharing the weight of the bag and its contents; I barely noticed that I was wearing a bag at all when I used the Newt on a recent trip.


From Ogio’s extensive catalogue of bags, the Newt 13 backpack fulfills the important roles of overnight bag and portable device warehouse.  While it’s an unrealistic expectation to depend on the Newt as the sole grip for a multi-day trip, the bag serves as an excellent adjunct to more spacious luggage.

$59.99 at amazon.com

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