Hotel Pet Peeves: Guests Shut the Door on Wi-Fi, Outlet Shortages

By Jeremy Del Nero on 2 April 2014
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Frequent travelers open the door to their hotel room and are greeted by the familiar sights and smells of their second homes, some more welcome than others.  Some even spend more nights at hotels than at the addresses listed on their passports.  While each hotel has its own strengths, it also carries with it a set of unique imperfections.  Flaws that may slip under the radar of the occasional hotel guest will stand out for those on the road as often as our readers.

In our fourth annual and ever-evolving hotel pet peeves survey, we asked our readers to rank their biggest hotel pet peeves.  With the help of FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, we received over 1,500 responses from a selection of the world’s most seasoned travelers.  Additionally, the survey spurred a discussion on FlyerTalk that garnered over 200 responses and more than 17,000 views.  Indeed, last year’s thread continued to be one of the most popular on FlyerTalk and has long since passed 50,000 views.

Most of the pet peeves in this year’s survey are repeat offenders; indeed, clinching the first and second places respectively were expensive or slow Internet and hard to reach or insufficient power outlets, which continue to plague hotel guests worldwide.  However, following these two biggest peeves came a newcomer to the battle: cigarette smoke odor.

Climate control not easily adjustable, the number one pet peeve in 2011, ranked fourth, followed by noise of any kind in fifth.  Both peeves have consistently ranked among the top five in previous polls.

Insufficient water pressure or temperature took sixth place, followed by unexpected fees (including resort fees) in seventh and insufficient or poor lighting in eighth.  Uncomfortable pillows ranked ninth, and alarm clock left set or difficult to adjust rounded off the top ten list.

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