Hotel Pet Peeves: Guests Shut the Door on Wi-Fi, Outlet Shortages

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1.) Expensive and/or Slow Internet

We meet again, number one peeve.  It’s a testament to the importance of being connected in today’s society that expensive and/or slow internet has taken the crown for the third year in a row, only bested in the first of our surveys.

FlyerTalk members had no problem voicing their concerns with exorbitantly priced hotel Internet, and frustrations with spotty or snail-mail-paced download rates.  A large number, including bananaq, are simply astounded by the high cost of technology that should be available for a small fee, if any.  “Helloooo! It’s 2014!” Keep trying, bananaq, the hotels can almost hear your wake-up call.

Several things about hotel Wi-Fi irritated UnderEst, who has had enough of “overly complex login credentials, in some cases where connecting a mobile device is near impossible, slow connection, and scheduled disconnects every 4, 8, 12 hours.”

Wi-Fi has reached thresholds of unreliability that make some travelers yearn for the earlier days of the more reliable Ethernet tether.  Arlflyer lamented, “I am actually mourning the widespread loss of Ethernet cable connections.”  Authentication was also much easier and faster in the olden days with a wired connection, noted the poster.

2.) Hard to Reach or Insufficient Electrical Outlets

A familiar silver medalist, hard to reach or insufficient electrical outlets, earned second place for the third year running, bested by not easily adjustable climate controls and expensive/slow Internet in 2011.

Newer establishments don’t tend to be as big an offender when it comes to the dreaded lack of electric outlets in hotel rooms.  Many older hotels have recently been retrofitted with additional outlets, and yet whoever installed them underestimated the sheer number of electronic devices the modern traveler totes around with him.  At other times, outlet shortages can be explained by poor planning; while the room may have a dozen sockets, six of them may be obscured by cabinets, and another four hide behind the couch and bed.

FlyerTalk member dliesse had an interesting idea: why not just offer an overabundance of outlets?  “There is no such thing as too many outlets,” dliesse said. In fact, “there is almost no hotel room that has enough.”

Or the outlets may just be in the wrong place.  Many guests, including FlyerTalker sethb, use their phones to set a wake up alarm instead of using a house alarm clock that is likely to be overly complicated to set.  With the notoriously short battery life that phones seem to possess these days, it isn’t unreasonable to expect outlets by the bedside tables.  Yet the lack of such outlets is Jsbh’s biggest peeve.  “Why can’t there be at least one outlet in the light fixture?” he wondered.

Even the newest hotels aren’t immune from this peeve, as editorial director Jonathan Spira pointed out in a review of a just-opened luxury hotel in Vienna, where the outlets in the desk were built into the desk under a panel, but the opening was far too small for both a MacBook Pro power brick and a standard USB charger.

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