Virtual Tour: London Heathrow’s New Terminal 2 – The Queen’s Terminal

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Then it’s on to security, where the high swooping ceiling dips down encouraging people to move along.  Deeper lanes are designed to allow passengers to move through the checkpoint relatively quickly (at least, this is how it appears as the terminal hasn’t yet opened of course) and create less stress.

Immediately after security is what could be called a re-composure area, where passengers can gather their belongings before continuing on to the gate or a lounge.

There’s a lot to do here, as is the case in most airports, but Heathrow management wants this to be a very British experience for passengers as for many in transit it may be their only encounter with the United Kingdom.

T2 hosts a Heston Blumenthal restaurant, the Perfectionists’ Café, which, despite the chef’s Michelin stars, serves breakfast for a very reasonable nine quid.  It will cater to travelers who have time for a leisurely meal as well as those in a rush to catch a flight.  London Brewer Fuller Smith & Turner, which is rumored to have a pipeline from T2 to the brewery, which isn’t far from the airport, is opening up a pub called London Pride that is bound to attract weary travelers.  And of course, there’s a branch of the John Lewis department store.



The design of the boarding areas  represents a radical change in airport design in the United Kingdom.  For the first time in a U.K. airport, passengers will have direct access to the gates.

Gates are divided into two sections, 2A, mostly for short-haul flights, and 2B, for long-haul service.  The gates are close to the retail shops and restaurants and passengers will, in most cases, no longer have to allow for long walks down interminable corridors.

Self-boarding gates are planned for eight of the 16 gates on the B side of the terminal and my experience with this type of gates has been very positive at other airports in terms of speeding up the boarding process.

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