Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Jetliner Turns to Crowdsourcing

By Paul Riegler on 10 March 2014
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A DigitalGlobe image of the Gulf of Thailand

A DigitalGlobe image of the Gulf of Thailand

A Colorado-based satellite imaging company is using its technology to crowdsource the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane and its passengers and crew.

DigitalGlobe is asking the public to analyze high-resolution images for any signs of the missing plane, after pointing cameras from its five orbiting satellites on the Gulf of Thailand region where the plane was last seen on radar.

The images are on the Tomnod website and anyone can participate in scanning the images and tagging anything that looks suspicious.  The company uses an algorithm that highlights areas that are tagged more frequently and those areas may then be examined more carefully.

(Image: DigitalGlobe)

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