Lobby Bar – March 7: Monty Python’s Flying Opera House, Pow Wows With Oprah, and Being Prepared

By The Editors on 7 March 2014
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The Lobby Bar – An Irreverent Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Extra Prepared. This Saturday night, Daylight Saving Time comes into effect across most of the United States. We suggest you set your clocks ahead now so you won’t forget.

Life of Brian.  Jeremy Del Nero sits down, virtually, for a chat with Brian Kelly, known on the interwebz as the Points Guy.  Kelly explains how he packs for month-long trips in ten minutes, why he takes pictures of his seats before sitting down, and what it’s like to hobnob with the rich and famous.

Opera house living.  Jonathan Spira checks into the Mandarin Oriental Munich, a magnificent hotel occupying the city’s former opera house. Does the fat lady sing at check-out?

Parlez-vous des voeux pieux? Christian Stampfer reports from the Geneva International Motor Show. That’s “Salon International de l’Auto” in French. That’s “My Garage” in Wishful Thinking.

Great, you say? Jesse Sokolow revisits some Great Moments in Travel History. Only five out of 14 tidbits involved accidents. Progress. Every day.

It’s for business, honest.  Jeremy Del Nero discusses four apps that will help you approach the redhead in seat 3A in the least creepy way possible.  Just don’t pull a Johnny Bravo and lead with “hey, mamma…”

Joke redacted. Karin Sun reports on Four Seasons’ new customizable beds. Insert your own joke about customizable beds here.

Keep connected on long drives. Apple introduces iOS CarPlay technology that allows drivers to link their iPhones to their in-car displays.  Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting Apple’s launch of the iCar, which simply drives people to their destinations for them.

Nihao, Washington! Remember when Nixon tried to improve U.S.-China relations in the 1970s? Well, Air China is now following up on his efforts by making direct travel from Washington, DC to Beijing a little easier.

Sky high Wi-Fi.  Robert Yee outlines All Nippon Airway’s new Wi-Fi service for international flights. Hopefully now the crying baby in the row behind you has a smartphone game to play.

This Lobby Bar included attempts at humor from Basilio Alferow, Jeremy Del Nero, Kent Fremon, Paul Riegler, Robert Yee, and Karin Sun.

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