Poll: What are Your Biggest Hotel Pet Peeves?

By Jeremy Del Nero on 6 February 2014
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Hotels have become a second home to frequent travelers, many of whom have grown accustomed to spending much of their lives either on the road or in the sky.  As such, they are experts in the hotelverse and are much more sensitive than the casual traveler to a hotel’s shortcomings.

In partnership with FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, we’ve compiled a list of the most common peeves for our fourth annual hotel pet peeves survey.  Ranging from Internet-related gripes to poor room or bathroom layout, our comprehensive list has been refined from previous polls and constructed with the help of FlyerTalk members.

Cast your vote now to tell us what really bugs you about your room, service, and overall quality of your stay.  Simply rearrange the peeves in descending order of irksomeness and submit your response.

After taking the poll, which will run through March 14, you can subscribe to the free Frequent Business Traveler Weekly and have the opportunity to win a piece of valuable airline memorabilia.

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