Photo Essay: Venice Beach

By Jim Perry on 2 February 2014
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From the famous sign, which acts as a sentinel to welcome you to a very different world, to the multimedia art spanning the boardwalk and beach, Venice Beach beckons sun, culture, ocean views, and is quintessentially Southern Californian.

From the hotel I was staying at, the Venice Beach Suites and Hotel, the ocean looked as though it could wash up right into my living room, and recede outside my window into the vast beyond.  While much of Southern California’s coastline was subject to weather damage and natural disasters, Venice Beach remains largely intact, funky architecture and buildingside murals notwithstanding.

Dotting the boardwalk are residences, boutique shops, restaurants, and of course, characters of all types.  From old hippies to a band of street-sleeping residents, there’s no knowing who you’ll run into.  It’s advised to be careful and not stand out, especially after nightfall.

While the unblemished skyline affords magnificent sunset views year round, I was particularly fortunate to enjoy them during the less busy month of November, making the experience that much more personal.  The lighting creates a surreal magic hour in addition to a symphony of blues and pinks that streak across the sky, reflecting in glimmering water and into the wet sand.

Lifeguard Tower at SunsetLifeguard Tower at Sunset

Art and ReliefArt and Relief

Sunset at Venice BeachSunset at Venice Beach

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