Delta Air Lines New York LaGuardia-Montreal, Canada Flight 6137 – Review

By Paul Riegler on 24 February 2014
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I might have just picked the best day of the year to travel, namely the Tuesday after President’s Day.  It was snowing in New York as I arrived at LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal D but traffic was moving reasonably well.  The terminal seemed a bit empty and, as I headed over to the PreCheck security checkpoint, I noticed that the regular checkpoint was a bit quiet as well.  Only a few people were ahead of me in PreCheck, including some apparently confused travelers who were taking shoes and belts off and holding up the line.  I went around them.

The Sky Club was equally quiet but I was there for the waffles.  Last month, Delta introduced new enhancements including better coffee, bigger “improved” bagels and Belgian-style waffles.  An abundant supply of waffles awaited passengers who simply weren’t coming.

A gate change meant my flight was leaving from Terminal C, which wasn’t an issue as the gate, C15, was just across the connector Delta built last year between the two terminals.



The gate had bar-style seating with outlets along the countertop.  Passengers were occupied in catching up on e-mail while awaiting the start of boarding .

Once boarding started, the agent invited Platinum and Gold Medallion members to board first, as there is no first-class section on the plane.

Boarding was quick and I settled into my seat, 1A, on the Embraer 145.


Because of the weather, we had to make a stop for de-icing.  We taxied to the far de-icing station located near the departure runway.  Once aloft, our routing took us due north to Montreal with an estimated flight time of one hour.

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