American Announces Initial Meal Alignment Plans with US Airways

Changes to Come in Trans-Atlantic Dining

By Paul Riegler on 24 February 2014
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An appetizer on a New York-London flight

An appetizer on a New York-London flight

America Airlines announced what it termed one of the first “tangible” changes to US Airways following the merger of the two airlines in December.

The change aligns US Airways’ meal services with those of American’s prior to the merger.  Starting April 1, US Airways will begin to offer meals in domestic first class cabins on flights of 1,000 nautical miles (1,825 kilometers), which translates to a flight time of two hours and 45 minutes.    Currently, US Airways offers meals on flights of three and one-half hours or longer.

The change impacts 126 flights.

US Airways will also add Danish and pastries and fresh fruit on early morning flights and finger sandwiches and fresh fruit on later flights.

The airline said that more changes in the first-class meal service will be forthcoming in September

American also announced that it is replacing its traditional meal service on flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to London, Manchester, and Dublin with what it called an “expedited” service that more closely aligns to what its joint-venture partner British Airways offers on its flights. The airline will also make changes to its meals in business class on all eastbound flights to Europe.

Earlier this month, American announced an expansion of a codeshare between the two carriers that provides access to almost 6,500 daily flights to more than 275 destinations in the combined network.   In January, align customer benefits and programs, including its frequent flyer programs.

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