Winter Storm to Dump Snow on Midwest, Northeast, Impact Travel

By Jesse Sokolow on 20 January 2014
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More snow is forecast for the NY metro area

More snow is forecast for the NY metro area

As Martin Luther King, Jr. Day comes to a close, the winter’s tenth storm moves in on parts of the Midwest and Northeast.  From Monday night through Tuesday, the storm is expected to bring snow to areas including northern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, while Tuesday night through Wednesday, it’s expected to continue on its easterly course and dump more severe amounts of snow up and down the east coast.

Travel across these regions is likely to be disrupted as icy conditions cause roads and runways to become dangerous.

As of 9:15 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, 380 flights had been canceled in the U.S., with a further 3,136 delayed, according to FlightStats, a flight-tracking service.  As of that same time, 931  flights have been canceled for Tuesday, with a mere eight delayed, although those numbers are expected to continue to rise given that snow accumulation in some areas is expected to be close to one foot.

In parts of northern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, snowfall is expected Monday night, with around 5” to 9” likely to fall in Chicago, and 1” to 3” expected in Indianapolis and Cincinnati by Tuesday morning.  As the storm moves east through Tuesday, Cincinnati and the surrounding area could see as much as an additional 1” to 3”, though for the most part, the Northeast will take the brunt of the storm Tuesday, Tuesday night, and Wednesday.

Up and down the east coast, total snow accumulation of up to 11” in some areas is expected.  In addition, winds of up to 15 to 38 mph may accompany the precipitation along the I-95 corridor, with the higher gusts most likely being seen in the New England area.

On Tuesday during the day, Charleston, West Virginia could see anywhere from 2” to 4”, while further east in Washington, D.C., accumulation is expected to be from 3” to 5”, with an additional 1” to 2” expected to fall at night.

In Baltimore, 3” to 7” of the white stuff is expected to fall and stick on Tuesday, while Philadelphia may see as much as 4”.  As the storm continues northeast however, Philadelphia could see an additional 3” to 5” through Tuesday night, while Baltimore will likely see less than one additional inch through the night.

By Wednesday, New York could potentially see over 11” of accumulation, with 2” to 4” expected Tuesday during the day, and an additional 3” to 7” expected at night.

Heading into New England, Providence will likely see less than one inch of snow Tuesday, though as the night wears on, the city can expect anywhere between 4” and 8” of additional accumulation.  Boston will see similar conditions, with less than one inch likely Tuesday, though between 3” and 7” expected through Tuesday night.

Further north, Concord, New Hampshire is expected to see 1” to 3” of snow through Tuesday night.

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