My First Mileage Run

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London-Minneapolis on Delta

London-Minneapolis on Delta

After a very enjoyable four-day stay in London, first at the Connaught and then at the Stafford, it was back to Terminal 4 for the return flights, all three of them.  I stopped by the Customs booth to get the necessary forms stamped for my VAT refund and headed to the gate.

The first leg, from London to Minneapolis, marked the first time I flew back to the States from London to anywhere but New York.  Here again, I was on a 767-300ER in seat 1A and we arrived at Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport (MSP) 14 minutes early.  Thanks to Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, passport control, customs, and the security checkpoint were cleared in a matter of minutes.  The leg to Los Angeles was roughly two hours later, which provided the opportunity to stop by the Delta Sky Club for a short respite.

Once again, I found myself boarding a 767-300, although this time my seat was 1D.  I’m not quite sure why Delta runs a 767-300 with an international business-class configuration on this route, but it was quite comfortable for the flight, which was under four hours.

Once in Los Angeles, I still had one more hurdle to clear – the flight back home to New York City.

At LAX I walked from Terminal 5 (Delta) to Terminal 4, American’s home, and was through security (again, thanks to PreCheck) in minutes.  At this point, I had been traveling for over 18 hours but feeling rather well rested and well fed, so I only had the fruit and cheese platter on this final flight, possibly my last flight in first class on the 767-200, before pressing the bed button and getting a little over three hours of sleep.

Arriving at JFK slightly before 5 a.m., we were the first AA flight to land and I quickly hailed a taxi and headed home.

When all was said and done, I had maintained my status on two airlines and had a very enjoyable trip.  Although it was not a traditional mileage run in the sense that I stayed several days at each waypoint (except for the connections in Minneapolis and NYC), it was a mileage run nonetheless, and my first experience with the practice.

I do enjoy flying and this year was a grand year for flying.  I was invited to two launch flights, American’s 777-300ER and LOT’s 787 Dreamliner, enjoyed seeing the sun rise from a flight deck vantage point, and spent a total of ten days aloft.

Jonathan Spira’s Flight Summary for 2013

Flights: 50
Airborne Time: 241 hrs; 10 days
Mileage: 104,516
Airports: 23 (4 new)
Airlines: 6 (1 new)
Routes: 22 (5 new)
Cockpit Jumpseat Flights: 2

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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