Lobby Bar – January 31: Conference Call Mishaps, Revisiting College, and Zombie Airlines

By Jeremy Del Nero on 31 January 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Choo choo.  Jonathan Spira takes a ride on the Nissan Express. The legends are apocryphal: Spira passed “Go” but did not collect $200.

An Uncommon hotel.  Jesse Sokolow checks into the Commons Hotel in Minneapolis.  Located on a college campus, the hotel hosts a number of charming events for its guests, including Flip Cup Fridays, and Keg Stand brunches.  Beat the hotel manager in beer pong for a free night.

Literally, figuratively.  Jeremy Del Nero (aloha) books a flight using the Skyscanner mobile app.  The app scans the metaphorical skies, so don’t be waving your iPad around on the tarmac hoping for some kind of miracle.  Or do, and we’ll have a chuckle at your expense.

Covering tracks.  Delta showed Paul Riegler an Amsterdam good time on his flight in BusinessElite.  Upon finding out that the aircraft isn’t subject to the same laws as the country, Riegler quickly added, “I didn’t inhale.” Smooth.

Back from the dead.  Somebody thought it would be a good idea to revive the Eastern Air Lines name, and preliminary certification steps with the FAA are underway.  Elvis and 2Pac are available for comment.

A small request.  The FAA is politely asking that U.S. airlines conduct safety checks on more than 400 Boeing 767 aircraft.  “No problem, we had nothing better to do anyway,” responded airline officials.

Everybody speak at once.  JetBlue derived marginal benefit from the American-US Airways Merger by receiving 12 slot pairs at Reagan National Airport.  Initially outraged, JetBlue’s CEO had to be told that he was not being offered twelve pairs of socks, as he so believed from the conference call.

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