Lobby Bar – January 3: Crying Clouds, Hide Your Private Folders, Puns on Boats, and Learning From Our Mistakes

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 January 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Sit and stare.  Paul Riegler outlines the most significant milestones in commercial aviation history.  How did we get by before the introduction of in-flight Internet in 2003? I guess that’s why flights were $5.

Regulate this.  A new year means new laws, and Jeremy Del Nero (Salut!) is here to explain some of them.  Find out why Colorado tourism is expected to skyrocket starting, well, now.

Sorry, Chris.  Join Jesse Sokolow in recounting great moments in travel history for the month of January.  Jesse reported back from his latest trip with news we had all expected: Columbus had no sense of direction .

Plug me in.  Jonathan Spira discusses the state of the electric car market in the U.S.  Spira is getting involved any way he can, but draws the line at inserting his fingers into the socket.

You know the rules.  Jesse Sokolow stays at the Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  He’d love to tell you all about it, but, as you know, what happens in Vegas…

A breath of fresh air.  Paul Riegler revisits the Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crash 41 years ago and what safety lessons the airline industry has learned since then.  For one, all carriers, with the exception of Global Air, have done away with roll-down windows.

Sad Cumulus. Hercules is flexing his muscle, tightening his grip on the clouds above New England.  The clouds are so upset that they’re crying unique tears of frozen water upon the Northeast, so uh, beware cloud tears on the road.  Lots of aircraft are sympathizing with the clouds too and refusing to fly.

$15 million incoming at .03 Mbps. Be careful, a court ruling declared that government officials can legally search your phone and computer at border crossings.  Moral of the story: don’t transfer funds to your Swiss bank account on Amtrak Wi-Fi.

Coincidence? I think yes.  Jeremy Del Nero straps on some skis and explores mountainous St. Moritz.  Any news items about an American reporter sneaking onto the bobsled track at night are most certainly fabricated.

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