Lobby Bar – January 10: Fully Requited Love, Deep Dark Secrets, Free Booze, and Famous Last Words

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 January 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0411Do you love us?  Did you know that 60% of frequent flyers went on mileage runs in 2013 to maintain airline status?  Of course you do.  Because you’re a loyal reader and adore our content.  Silly us for doubting you.

For sanitation, obviously.  Jeremy Del Nero (Bonjour mon ami) tears off the wrapping paper on the Omni Nashville hotel in Tennessee The legends are true, folks, bourbon (instead of water) flows from the faucets.

Modern Frost.  So you just spent $60,000 on a flight, hotel, and car in Munich.  Now what?  Jonathan Spira details the best roads-less-traveled-by to give your new European delivered toy the test drive it deserves.

Technologically advanced rainbows.  Jeremy Del Nero reports on the most promising gizmos and gadgets debuting at CES.  Highlights include iRobot’s new Roomba lawnmower line, tea-serving drones, and smile-powered smartphones.

A first time for everything.  Join Jonathan Spira for a game of Never Have I Ever and mention Mileage Runs for a sure win.  Even veteran road warriors hide a few skeletons in the closet.

R’Amen.  Much like a presidential inauguration, American’s A321T had to swear on a bible before it could begin service.  Following Eddie Castillo’s inauguration last week, the aircraft wore a strainer on its nose and declared its Pastafarianism.

Raise of hands.  New rules for pilot rest are officially law.  The regulations follow a stewardess’ announcement on Global Air Flight 118 which, according to the aircraft’s black box, plays as follows: “the pilot has decided to take a nap.  Do any of you know how to fly a plane?”

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